Friday, May 30, 2008

My Generic Cover

This is the first sketch of an actual cover-type image I've done. It's all generic characters on a generic team, in a generic pose, but I don't care about all of that. It was fun to do. I know that it's nowhere near the level of a finished pencil in the comics industry, but I seriously busted this thing out QUICK today. It went real fast. I'm kinda proud of myself in some weird way. I feel like my wrist is finally starting to loosen up a bit.

Anyways, let me know...

p.s. My women still need some major work. They just aren't up to par yet.

p.s.s. The Pistons just lost to the Celtics and they will not be going to the finals. I am so bummed out right now. Damn Teyshaun!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last Night's Sketches

Someone actually asked me to post these. These were done last night around 2AM. I just needed to draw. Couldn't help it. The last one was done today at work. Kind of like a warmup page.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

WOW. I am a busy person.

Been a looooong time since I've posted.  I have been working at a ridiculous level lately. We were extremely slow for about 3 months at work and then it all came crashing down upon us 2 Tuesday's ago. Ever since then I have been working literally 18 hours every day. It is craziness.  
It's not even so much the hours that is the bad part, it's the frantic pace at which we have had to work. It really doesn't come as a surprise to me, as everything in the commercial world is a rush, but this last couple of weeks has been insane.

On a side note, during this frantic 2 weeks, things slowed down for a few hours on sunday so I had a small window of time to drop by the Motor City Comic Con. The actual con was kinda lame, but I got to meet and have a real nice discussion with artist David Finch. He was super cool and extremely nice and helpful. Meeting him was a breath of fresh air during the shitstorm that was coming down all around me at work. It was awesome! He is an amazing artist.

Anyways, I just wrapped up my last board for this project (knock on wood) and I am completely tired. I need sleep. Since I can't show anything cool or recent, here's some old stuff!  Weeeee!

I did the wizard art for Alltel a while back. It's been in a ton of commercials and they even took the wizard I designed and turned him into a live action character in the spots. That's kinda cool I guess. I feel bad for the poor chap who has to wear that getup! I did it in Photoshop and Painter and they just added it to the van in post.

Here is a cover I did for Detroiter magazine. I designed the three characters and rendered them a la Cheeks. Thanks Cheeks.