Monday, June 9, 2008

Sequential Question

Ok, I was playing around with this sequence here on Friday, and originally I had Spiderman's head going from right to left in the inset, even though the rest of the image is moving from left to right.  I know that this is supposed to be a cardinal rule that I shouldn't break, but I just feel that there is more tension and action with the inset going from right to left. I think it has to do with the feeling that I wanted him to be almost "smashing into a wall" when he gets hit and I feel that this inset, combined with the Spidey on the left, create an ensuing impact-type of tension. However, I do know that this kind of kills the flow from left to right. I know it's small potatoes, but what do you guys think?

I don't know.  Maybe I should just stick to the rules.



erin said...

i like them both, but i don't know the technical terms to actually pick one out as being better. sorry. but i just wanted to say nice work.

tragedy and the phoenix said...

with the head facing the way it is in the inset, it looks like he's looking back over his shoulder at something.