Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's a 3D World

So I haven't been able to post anything in a while.  Work has been flipped upside down.  The studio is trying to find work in new realms, so they are forcing us to learn 3D. It's pretty cool but they want samples fast and it is a ton of pressure to learn this stuff and actually make something cool. Especially with all of the wedding obligations, personal obligations, freelance, etc.  It is definitely a bit hectic for me right now. It has certainly cut out a HUGE chunk of my drawing time.  I haven't drawn anything lately which makes me extremely sad.... Hell, Colossus Club is even hurting right now. Everyone is being worked to death!!!!  Gaahhhh!  

Oh well.  Here are a couple images from a model I rendered out. Trying to just figure out how to do this stuff. Pretty fast and cool results. Not going for anything photographic... just trying to sell a mood or style. I think the one at night down below is my fave of the two shown.

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