Friday, June 18, 2010


Hey guys
I just did an installment of Gutters written by Mr. Ryan Sohmer. It's a spoof called "11 Tips to Write like Garth Ennis." If you've got a second, I encourage you to go and check it out. The strip is pretty fantastic and is a great way to discover new artists (like myself).

Check it out HERE

PS_Also want to give a shout to Ed Ryzowski & Lar Desouza for helping to make my art look way better than it should! Thanks!


anastacia said...
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Battlemage210 said...

just curious myself... who came up with, and or allowed, the "graphic nature" of the third installment of Gutters. not saying anything about it being inappropriate or anything like that, its truly brilliant, just curious who gave the go-ahead for such a thing.

on a side note.. i could see this type of artistic ability in a graphic novel. outstanding work to all involved.

Anna Lisa said...

Poor baby llama. I was pretty excited to see that you're from ccs illustration! I'm going into my senior year in illustration so it's cool to see what alumni are up to.

Adult Braces said...

@ Anna Lisa: Excellent! Good luck with everything this year! :)

KeepingYouAwake said...

Ha! Fantastic. I love the artwork, and the step by step into something deeper and more awful is hilarious. It reminds me only a little of the Bellen! comic done by the creator of OGLAF which you can see here if it's not blocked: