Thursday, February 7, 2008

Here's the Deal

Unfortunately, I usually can't put up the stuff I do at work because it is through agencies, etc. so we don't own the art. It's all private. You wouldn't want to see it anyways. Think way too tight car art and storyboards. That's basically it.

However, when I do some cool editorial stuff or anything that is cool enough and I am allowed to show, I will.

I think most of the stuff that I end up posting will be sketches of things I do in my spare time here at work or otherwise. Unfortunately, I haven't done a finished piece of work in quite some time. The way things work in my field, you are never given the time to REALLY WORK on anything. The client wants it way too quickly and all it needs to do is read quickly and get the point across, which is cool, I understand. I just miss digging in and creating a really great piece.

Anyways, here are some sketches I did the other day at work. I had just finished reading 52 so I was on a major Booster Gold kick. Joe Bennet effing rules by the way! Enjoy.


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