Friday, February 8, 2008

Sons of Hal!

My friend and I have recently become enthralled in the world of comic books once again. It all spawned from our need to draw. Both of us are too cheap to pay for figure classes to keep fresh, so we started making trips to Xhedos in Ferndale so that we could draw in there at night. One night four of us were up there and I started doing a drawing of Colossus from the X-men. They noticed what I was working on and then we got into this discussion about Colossus and how utterly awesome he is. What a sweet character, and he's so fun to draw. Well, needless to say, everyone drew their own Colossus that night and Colossus Club was born. Our plan was to meet up and just draw a bunch of Colossus' all the time. Yeah, I know. It's nerdy and stupid, but guess what?... It was frickin' hilarious.

Needless to say, this went on for some time. Xhedos ended up closing and we moved diggs to the Borders on Woodward. They have a giant graphic novel section damn it! Well, with all of these books around us, ZERO drawing was getting done. We were just looking at the graphic novels every time we went up there. This lead to a great discovery though; by us always looking at the books, we stumbled upon a character that we all had a greater common love for than any other character... even Colossus. THE GREEN LANTERN! He's such a bad mother fucker! We are obsessed with all of them. I went as Guy Gardner for HAL-loween, although now I am telling everyone I went as Hal Jordan. We are obsessed. This whole Sinestro Corps War didn't help either. It was so cool. I may have subconsciously chosen the color palette for this blog based on the Green Lantern now that I think about it... yep, I did.

Anyways, we realized that Colossus had been eclipsed and that a new name for our drawing club was in order. We started thinking of names right away. It had to be something funny, yet so nerdy that no ordinary person would know what we were talking about. Here are just a few ideas:

The Order of Oa

Guy's Gardners

Sons of Hal

There were a few others but they have all escaped me now. Sons of Hal is my favorite. I think it is frickin' hilarious!!! I chuckle every time I think of it! I have no idea why I told you all this story...


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